Will Rafael Nadal continue may in-form Daniil Medvedev or Grand Slams claim his first and win his fourth US Open title?
Although world No 1 Novak Djokovic and Federer have left New York, the second seed has cruised through into some fifth final at Flushing Meadows.
Nadal will chalk up his Grand Slam success with success against Medvedev, who he beat to win the Rogers Cup in Montreal last month, and second of the year in the French Open in June after success.
Medvedev has enjoyed an unforgettable summer, that has seen his Masters 1000 name is won by the Russian, enter the world’s top five and now reach his first Grand Slam final.
For antagonising supporters who’ve booed him on many occasions during the 25, the 23-year-old has attracted plenty of attention in the New York audiences.
His victory against Grigor Dimitrov from the semi-final watched him record his 50th match win of 2019 – the most by a player on the men’s tour.
Do you think Nadal can Medvedev finish memorable summer with major or could land a 19th Grand Slam title and fourth in Flushing Meadows?

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