The conclusion of season finale has been shaken up and we enter the field of handicaps prior to the event even begins. Justin Thomas who heads the rankings starts on 10 under par and the rest are allocated starting scores all of the way. The goal was to get the winner of the event mechanically winning the Fedex (generally the case anyhow) but the starting scores appear so unfair today the week is upon us. The bookmakers saw the shake and priced the 72 hole market from scratch that I am sure this week will see a good deal of action. That being said I’m not a huge fan of buying a marketplace where a player doesn’t exactly understand where he stands and little benefit from winning it. The potential for a deceased heat looms big.
East Lake is a path we know that rewards tee to excellence. It is a long enough par 70 at 7300+ yards and also that the coarse is often troublesome so that an ability to hit it long and straight is a massive advantage around this particular layout. The fairways are just one of the narrow on the program so accuracy is unquestionably asset to look towards when picking these four days those who may overcome their handicaps. After his sparkling performance last week Justin Thomas heads the leaderboard and for the Fedex Cup the betting in turn. He will prove difficult to prevent given his record here reads 7-2-6 starting from scratch dents. Pressure will be on for four times you instead of the typical two in the weekend and it would not surprise me if the leaderboard be properly shook up Sunday evening.
The one most inclined to love the challenge will be RORY MCLLORY ??8/1 (1/5 4 locations ). He knows for certain he has the potential of winning an occasion and overturning Thomas’ lead. Of the 8 rounds Thomas and McIlroy have played at the same period, the Irishman has won 5 of these into Thomas’ 1 and with two twists. If this trend continues we can definitely see McIlroy getting nearer to the lead come Sunday and his urge to land another name here and the Fedex decoration may surpass everyone else as he has been left behind somewhat over the last few months. Having been questioned regarding his ability at final groups and getting over the line at the lead in to this season McIlroy has proved the doubters wrong with 2 wins and a lot of other excellent finishes. The players although in a fantastic position haven’t just taken to East Lake in the past couple of decades. In 10 tries the ideal Koepka, Cantlay and Reed might muster is a 6th set location with next greatest being 13th. Loads of negatives present themselves. Together with his results from Thomas here in the last few years and the ordinary efforts by the others I believe McIlroy must be a good play in the marketplace including the scores.
3pts each-way R.McIlroy 8/1 (1/5 4 locations )
PAUL CASEY ??(Without Fedex Starting Strokes) 28/1 (1/5 5) ??ranks 3rd in Total Scoring here at East Lake in this area and may be expected to benefit marginally from the format. We have all noticed the Englishman has struggled to get over the line occasionally and awarded the 72 hole scratch leaderboard will not be anybody’s priority this week Casey may just stumble upon a triumph. He has four top five finishes in his last five efforts and normally ranks very high in the sections crucial to scoring here. Like the Valspar this is one of Casey’s favourite haunts and even though the primary decoration looks from the grasp that the 72 hole scratch event surely resembles something that he could win without barely knowing it’s materialising.??
1.5pts each-way P.Casey With no Fedex Starting Strokes?? 28/1?? (1/5 5)