Watford captain Troy Deeney believes”big boy” Javi Gracia”knows what he is doing” and is confident the club will keep faith within their head coach.
Gracia has headed Watford to three defeats and a draw in their first four Premier League matches – but the Pozzi family, the club’s owners, are known to be keen about keeping the Spaniard.
Deeney, 31, who’s played during his spell at Watford 11 different managers, is optimistic he will not need to wave goodbye to no 12 this season.
“The director is a big boy, he knows what he’s doing – it’s simply part and parcel of the game,” the striker told Sky Sports News at an NFL launch party in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.
“People are going to question the manager if we have lost a few games. It doesn’t just occur at Watford, it occurs everywhere.
“However, the large turnover of managers at Watford was four or five years back. Every year we receive a new one and change the manager is thought by everyone. We’re attempting to repay.
“And naturally the clubs will always put the club first. We love that and we’ll continue with what we are doing.”
At the start of last year, his first four Premier League games were won by Gracia in control of Watford.
“Obviously, you’re always going to get people placing pressure on us,” Deeney added.
“We haven’t been great but we aren’t trying to hide from this. We’ve not done anything, especially Once You consider last season – that is what everyone’s always going to perform
“We all know what it’s about and we have to man up, stand up in front of it and enjoy the good with the bad.”
After playing through injury for the first two games of this season, deeney, who underwent knee surgery, has no date for his return but there was a upgrade on his rehabilitation.
“It’s slow and steady. Had my stitches out now,” he explained.
“I do not know when I’ll be back. I’ve got stages. I keeping moving back to the physician and he says,’you can do this, and You can achieve this’, or’It’s swelling’. Each time he sets off it I go with what he says.
“However, as of right now, I have just passed level one of having my stitches out and I’ll see how a knee enhancements for the next few weeks.”