Andy Ruiz Jr cautioned Anthony Joshua he needs more than”15 minutes of fame” when they met in a media conference at Saudi Arabia.
The rivals went face to face for the first time since Joshua was beaten by Ruiz Jr in the nation that could host their rematch, live on Sky Sports Box Office on December 7.
“The hunger still stays,” Ruiz Jr stated ahead of defending the IBF, WBA and WBO titles he took from Joshua.
“I really don’t need 15 minutes of popularity. I want it to last.
“Two large heavyweights hitting each other in the face, it’s going to be exciting.
“I understand Anthony Joshua is coming hard, he’s coming strong. He’s preparing hard, but so am I.
“There’s a whole lot of duties. I’m going to try my very best. I’m likely to keep those belts and I’m going to have them back into Mexico.
“I’m going to triumph here in exactly the same manner which I won on June 1″
Joshua defeated in seven rounds by Ruiz Jr on his US debut and was floored four times.
The surprise result finished his world heavyweight title reign, Joshua’s unbeaten record and his hope.
He previously said on AJ: The Untold Truth that he lost due to a”lucky punch – a jolt sent by the Gods”.
Joshua also stated”he ain’t that skillful” about the Mexican-American who overcome him.
In Wednesday’s press conference at Saudi Arabia, Joshua included:”I had been up against a fantastic challenger. Andy is champion.
“That will continue until December 7 if he puts his names in the air. Two warriors to go the man and war will walk out victorious.
“Being a winner is over the straps. It’s really about a championship mindset. The straps will move up in the atmosphere and we will fight for them again.”
Ruiz Jr’s coach Manny Robles stated:”It’s time to flip the page. Dreams do come true, but it’s true.
“It is time to go to work. I can promise that the fans that Andy will be prepared. He will be all set for the challenge.
“There will be changes. Clearly we will be time to prepare this time.
“You may expect a better Andy Ruiz. Faster, thinner, stronger”
Joshua and Ruiz will meet on Thursday at New York and on Friday at Londonon Tuesday.

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