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From Chris Jones
BBC rugby union correspondent
England’s players may adopt and enjoy the Rugby World Cup in Japan far more than the high-pressured surroundings of four years ago, states prop Joe Marler.
Hosts England failed to achieve the 2015 quarter-finals following an”extreme and claustrophobic” prep period.
“Home World Cup, it was only completely distinctive,” Marler, 29, said.
“When you look back in it, then it was always bound to be enjoyable, due to the extreme pressure of it”
England face Italy in Newcastle on Friday in their match.
Marler added to BBC Radio 5 Live:”You think that it will be easier as you’re at home, but it was really harder.
“You’re in precisely the identical region, and there weren’t these adventures we could look forward to when we go away to Japan – a country with a great deal of different cultural things to escape from the rugby side of it”
With every player and England instruction in Italy, manager Eddie Jones has mixed this summer, Concerning preparation.
“There are always going to be comparisons made [using 2015],” Marler continued.
“The most noticeable difference in the players’ point of view is that the means by which the camps are set up and the version in down-time; the extra days we’ve had at home and away from camp have left it move a lot faster.
“It’s made a huge difference – but only time will tell. It is possible to only [say for sure] at December or November [after the World Cup], but it seems great because it is and I’m in a good place and we have appreciated the set-up.
“Among the biggest issues I had with an 2015 one was that we had been stuck in [team hotel] Pennyhill Park for a Fantastic nine-week block and it had been quite intense and Very claustrophobic.”
Marler is one of the few England players to have seen Japan, and he believes the squad will revel in the Far East’s unfamiliarity.
“There will be things on the market we can get our teeth in to turn away from rugby, since it will be new to the vast majority of the squad,” he said.
“We can observe some sumo wrestling and bits and bobs such as that. I am looking forward to it.”
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