England have a great deal to do to stop Australia retaining the Ashes in Old Trafford however in Rory Burnsthey have at least filled among their problem positions, says David Lloyd…
Rory Burns is currently getting experience, it doesn’t get overly difficult than in an Ashes series and he is doing absolutely fine. He’s scored a century and a couple of fifties batting from Australia in the position against a quality attack.
It was a fantastic shame because I think he’s working it out, that he didn’t get a hundred than he had been in the beginning and at the conclusion of this series, he will most likely be a far better player. I think England have solved one conundrum of their opening batsmen, they had two and I believe they have got among them.
He should be nailed on for the winter tours. He is quite a player, where he ties he understands because he was analyzed by Australia with the brief ball and he seems a courageous player.
Pat Cummins is your No 1 bowler on the planet and he gave him a functioning over but Burns score runs and found a means to live, he could be well delighted with what he’s done up to now. He seems no opener that is nonsense, a genuine gritty.
Likewise, for Joe Root, coming against top-class bowling, he needed to use all his skill. He obtained felled by a blow in the midriff and he then has smacked on the knee. You’ve got to get through these hard times, and it was hard out there.
I believed that partnership between Burns and Root was very, very good. It was a really hard-fought 71 until Josh Hazlewood obtained him lbw with a single that nipped back and kept a bit low although root fell for 71 again. There is enough in this pitch for the quick bowlers however – and it is a big but – flex your back, you’ve got to put the effort in and reach the pitch – that’s what Australia really do.
Hazlewood and cummins give you nothing. They function to a strategy and in this series that is use the bouncer effectively, around and about and to stay disciplined. Another thing that the management will look at is that their pace is currently still up there all the time.
There is none of the’hang on, why’s he bowling 75mph?”’
Cummins was without taking the wickets excellent and then Hazlewood followed brilliantly with those 3 wickets at the evening session.
They are going to have wanted to use Mitchell Starc because of shock bowler but since they have four bowlers, he’ll have to share the load. But we found he is going to provide some deliveries that were free to you and they wish to use him in brief bursts with additional speed. He is very tall but he gives Nathan Lyon that rough to use against England’s right-handers.
The didn’t bowl well enough daily three, though. Some deliveries that were excellent bowled and it spins here in Old Trafford.
England can’t rely on this being the case tomorrow. Jonny Bairstow said on interview that they have got to wear the Australia bowlers and they did that at the past innings at Headingley, they’ve to continue that. Root and burns did but there had been alarm bells when they went fairly fast.
Jason Roy arrived under pressure, created a start but couldn’t kick on, now Bairstow and Ben Stokes are in and England are still 297 runs behind – that’s a whole good deal! They have still got a lot of work to do and they won’t be saved by the rain – the prediction for the next few days, we are told, is good.
See day four of the fourth Test between Australia and England on Sky Sports The Ashes from 10am.

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