Doug Upstone: This week, Swinging Johnson and I will wrap up the last games of the NFL preseason on Sunday night with Pittsburgh at Tennessee. The Swinger got the better of me on Monday night. Even the San Francisco B-team appeared like Clemson compared the Denver’s B-Team (might also have been an F-team for collapse or alternative words which could be associated), which played UConn, the soccer team, outscored 21-0 in the second half before a last two minutes pointless touchdown. Well done SJ. Bet those rye crisps went with a merlot. (While I was sipping the millennials prior favourite, a 16-ouncer from Pabst that was as poor as my mindset from the fourth quarter.)
Swinging Johnson: Rye crisps did you understand?! Well Doug, I thought I found someone from the bushes outside my living room Monday night, sobbing ever so faintly. Yes, even rye crisps thus is a big merlot next time, simply knock and are a fan favorite here out and I’ll be happy to let you fix me a drink.
Then, off to Sunday night’s showdown where the Steelers will invade the Music City to travel all that way following this one to get an instance of the midnight is via.
Big Ben ought to find the playing time that is required for a in the next, as soon as you pointed out, many telling preseason match of those four. However, I think Roethlisberger will be done following this year since hecould have missed his two most significant weapons in Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown and’s getting up in age.
Pittsburgh’s offense will sputter this season until he gets hurt and goes the way of the leather helmet. As you may recall, Big Ben nearly called it quits a few decades back, but at age 37 he’ll be quarterbacking a team that will be taken by their defense however miss the playoffs without a championship hopes in the horizon. Bleak enough for you?
DU: Excellent stage SJ! We’ve seen a drop in Roethlisberger’s play, particularly last year after he threw for a career-high 5,129 yards, using a completion percentage of 68 percent!
And while Helmet Brown has moved to Oak-Town and taken him well-worn out action with himyou may have been aware of JuJu Smith-Schuster, that had over 1,400 yards receiving, on 111 grabs and 13 TDs. JuJu, fulfill Swinging Johnson, SJ, JuJu.
Donte Moncrief will slide right in because the new threat that is profound and there’s ample depth of receivers along with the line stays at least in soccer.
Besides, SJ, the disparaging of a future Hall of Famer compared to Marcus Mariota is amusing since his main claim to fame in the NFL remains he had been the No.2 pick in 2015. Yea, Mariota is actually progressing together with 24 TD’s 23 picks and the last two seasons. But Mariota played on teams that are better his career path is exactly the identical trajectory as Blake Bortles. Dude seriously!
SJ: Ah, sweet, pure Doug. This is not the mall Santa at which you sit on his lap and once you tell him what you envision around the tree on Christmas Day, he offers you a lollipop along with a tiny nose bop. You see, unlike the used fat guy – er, mall Santa — I tell you exactly what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.
You notice, Roethlisberger had more passing yards annually because the Pittsburgh coaching brain trust comprehended that if you can not run…. You pass! The Steelers ranked 31st of 32 teams in racing yards in 2018, and also our buddy Ben played 16 games for only the fourth time in his 15 seasons, also tied a career-high to get interceptions with 25, and tried more moves than at any other year.
Was he good? Yes. Can he’ve while still JuJu roamed free, Antonio Brown drawing double and triple-coverage? Also, yes. Now how can JuJu do, sans AB, if he is the one becoming double-covered? Oh, and should you think Donte Moncrief and his whopping 3 touchdowns from last season is going to be a game-changer, then I will populate the words of Judas Priest when I say,”You’ve got another thing coming.”
I have not heard one thing on your greek god Marcus and the rest of the mythical Titans, although DU: To a degree, a few of those items are true Swinger.
About the only thing Tennessee is about it’s the stadium runs right into Lower Broadway downtown, in which all the music, bars, and hatchet throwing are (a personal favorite), that will be where Titans fans go after yet another disappointing loss.
They possess over what the Titans while I won’t disagree that the Steelers may not have as much ability as the team who gagged a playoff match around 19 months. In addition, they have rid of carrying primadonnas, who were a locker room nightmare. The attention, particularly in a competition such as this will be more or soccer.
Additionally, when teams such as Pitt are off a two-game homestand in August, and also the line is +3 to -3, they’re 21-6 ATS, winning by 3.5 PPG.
Do me a favor, have your wife send me a photo if you split in the Gentleman Jack in the four quarter, Pittsburgh by 7 for NFL selections!
SJ: People who drink Gentleman Jack is hardly a gentleman and it would be a surprising departure for her to text you a photo of me along with my Crown instead of another of those seemingly endless saucy little mink photographs, replete with the come-hither look, she sends you. I told her if you would like to impress Doug, send a winning softball to the guy and then you’ll find him grin.
Alright, so we rambled on about Big Ben’s future and our expectations of this year’s Pittsburgh Steelers, that, quite honestly, is much more compelling than this Sunday night event in Nashville.
There’s money to be made and Swinger is here to make it. The most important thing is that luckily for Titans’ fans, Mariota is no Blake Bortles however , then again, he is no Jared Goff either. If he could remain healthy, and get unlike last year after he was sacked 42 occasions, he is the newest Kirk Cousins. Able enough to get his team if surrounded by weapons that are enough, and possibly even earn a tournament run. Doubtful, but not outside the realm of possibility.
All I said I’m financing the Titans so too are the sharps since this amount has gone out of Tennessee -2 1/2 to as large as -3 1/2 at a number of the very best internet sportsbooks for NFL chances. That’s a crucial jump, as it moves through the all-important three, and it requires sharp cash to acquire the books for off of the amount, especially considering that the squares are going to be around Pittsburgh because, as they would tell you,”Roethlisberger’s gont be playin”’. Idiots.
Look, after both starting QB’s receive their reps, it will be Tennessee’s Ryan Tannehill vs Joshua”Nobody’s Ever Heard of Me” Dobbs, a fourth-round pick from all places, the University of Tennessee. The Steelers have had two cushy games in Pittsburgh but now they are on the street and the house team is 4-1 ATS over the last five meetings between these teams. Tennessee cruises in this one put it, like it, and thank me on Monday.

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