Away win +16.5 Point Spread

Under 137.5 Game Totals

Against the Spread Pick

Pitt is in the middle of the pack but might feel emboldened by the fact that Duke has not been protecting its home turf as effectively as usual this season. Pitt also profiles as a team that could give them some trouble as they are very strong in the backcourt with Trey McGowens and Xavier Johnson both being steady players who can keep the Panthers from getting steamrolled. Pitt usually has quality size but that is not a strength this season. Duke won their last game but there are questions about this team. There is talent there for sure but these players are not as productive as those of the recent past. Freshman Vernon Carey was great early but has not been as much of a factor lately. Sometimes it is fouls and other times just a young guy who is inconsistent. Duke has a high ceiling but is not hitting it very often. For that reason, I would back the Panthers.

Over Under Pick

Pitt is going to try and slow things down in this one They prefer to play great defense and play a game in the 60s while Duke would prefer to be more up and down. I do worry that Pittsburgh might get out of their game a little too early and it could be a disaster. Their offense could really dry up and force Duke into the 80s to get the over. I think both teams are below averages here. Take the under.