The new La Liga year kicks off on Friday, August 16 when Athletic Bilbao amuse Barcelona — kick-off at 3:00 pm EST..
It is predicted to be the following race at the peak of the table between Barcelona and Real Madrid, and Lionel Messi is certain to be among the league’s leading goalscorers. However, Bovada has also opened several props up for some of the main protagonists of the league.
*All odds.
Eden Hazard’s summer go to the Bernabeau is just one that has been rumored for a while, and with the Belgian having eventually arrived it will be interesting to see whether he could have the identical effect he did in the English Premier League.
In his final season at Stamford Bridge, Hazard scored 16 goals — his best return since 2011/12 in his final season at Lille in Ligue 1 once he struck 20 — so he has arrived in Madrid at the peak of his powers.
While his group needed more than its reasonable share of superstars and in Chelsea was assembled , the Real Madrid squad he has combined is on another level. In Stamford Bridge, Hazard was a huge fish in a medium-sized pond however at the Bernabeu, it’s wall-to-wall big fish — every single participant is an global superstar.
Therefore, while last year, some of his 16 goals were created through his own genius, this season he’ll be surrounded with ingenuity, together with manager Zinedine Zidane supporting his players to perform with freedom and dash.
If Hazard can hit the ground, there is nothing stopping him scoring 17 along with a few.
Our selection: Hazard to score over 16.5 goals
Real Madrid’s Benzema will benefit from each the quality plus he will have Eden Hazard himself supplying the ammunition. His 21 goals out last time was his best return since scoring 24 and equalled his second-best tally.
In his decade in the Bernabeu, the 31-year-old Frenchman has averaged 14.8 goals per season, with his lowest tally being only five in 2017/18 — however, the major question for those considering a bet on Benzema is how many games will he perform this year. To get his or her 21 league targets, he played 36 days — the most he has played in one season — but together with Neymar on Real’s radar, it does beg the question,’who will the Brazilian substitute?’
If Benzema’s match time is limited, so too will his chance to break the 21 goal barrier, and so for this reason, we are attracted towards the Frenchman scoring about 15 goals this effort.
Our selection: Benzema to score less than 17.5 goals
The maestro’s album speaks for itself. In his 15 seasons in the Camp Nou, he has scored the remarkable total of 419 at a mean of over 29 per season — a phenomenal accomplishment.
He peaked in 2011/12 if he scored in La Liga, and followed up the time with 46; both seasons becoming with Cristiano Ronaldo in the midst of his battle.
The pair, for several seasons, were locked in battle over the Golden Boot and also the Ballon d’Or and in most ways were accountable for spurring each other on greater heights, together with hitting on the half-century in that interval.?? But there is no Ronaldo at La Liga — he plays with Juventus in Serie A — along with Messi’s battle is with himself and also the record books.
Another astonishing reality is the way fit the tiny Argentinian keeps himself, and even at 32-years-old he regularly plays 30 league matches per season and has remained remarkably clear of long-term and serious injuries.
His goalscoring ratio during the past couple of seasons has been a goal-a-game and supplying he proceeds to stay healthy and fit and he performs over 30 league matches, we think he’ll break the obstacle.
Our pick: Messi to evaluate more than 34.5 goals
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