AFC Wimbledon and MK Dons meet for the ninth time on Saturday, live on Sky Sports Football.

It’s a competition that doesn’t need describing, and also MK boss Paul Tisdale has confessed in the build-up that”it’s not just another game” for his aspect.
Both have already met this year together with MK winning a penalty shootout however this will be their first league meeting since January 2018.
Since then, while AFC Wimbledon enjoyed a remarkable streak to secure victory preserving their third-tier standing MK were relegated from League One then won instant promotion back from League Two.
Here, a lover from both clubs tells us what the rivalry means …
MK Dons fan Harry Wright
Milton Keynes Dons vs AFC Wimbledon. Yes, AFC Wimbledon. Not Wimbledon. They are two distinct things. The most current clash between the two of The weekend is as vital as ever and MK are seeking to kick-start their season following a mixed start.
The game means. The way we are treated by them in their ground is simply a cry for attention and empathy. It must be about them.
It is a rivalry no other lovers can relate to. They aren’t only down the road and it wasn’t born over time. This competition is still in its fledgling years. For all those, we took the heart. For all of us, they left their team they made it to expire and let someone else pick up the bits had the arrogance.
Milton Keynes Dons are my team. I was born 25 minutes off, a club arrived on my doorstep when I was seven and I supported them as any local fan should. However, as I grew older, I discovered us called a’franchise’,”’club stealers’,”vinyl’, and that we shouldn’t exist.
However, I believe AFC Wimbledon are making a name for themselves for all the wrong reasons, whereas we’ll always be the winners because we have an identity, a doctrine and we are producing our personal history. They have not decided what theirs is.
It’s not the fans who are engrossed in this fixture. Fans from wide and far across the Football League are fascinated by it. As the years go on the tide is changing and more people are denying AFC Wimbledon aren’t they all make themselves out to be.
Long may it continue.
AFC Wimbledon fan Chris Phillips
Every time we confront MK Dons, I can’t help but come back to May 28, 2002. The FA declared the movement of Wimbledon FC the afternoon.
The movement crushed me. However, before they’d even played a’home’ match in their town, supporters of Wimbledon had set up a fresh non-league club to keep their south west London legacy. AFC Wimbledon was born.
The FA famously stated that our formation was’not at the broader interests of soccer’. Those words fanned the flames and feelings have run high ever since.
As the ladder of success climbed, the inevitability of those two clubs assembly finally manifested at cup tie and a tense in Milton Keynes in 2012.
Victory went to the house team on that occasion. But a couple of years ago, AFC Wimbledon climbed above MK Dons for the first time at the league, aided by a midweek victory within their inaugural league meeting in west London. Everything clicked on the night. It had been pure magic.
“Where were you when you’re ?” That is every time we meet, what we sing . It’s barely relevant anymore, though. If you’d set out to discover’us’ among them in their’home’ game in 2003 you’d be a genius. Wimbledon supporters stayed home and reel from their usage of this nickname’The Dons’.
Our start to the season has not been great but form is pretty far out the window for this. The Dons that are actual and Bucks are seeing again. But to people, this match is not a derby, it’s an obligation. A grudge match.
More to the point, however, it’s a chance to find that first win of the season.

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