On March 06, 2020, at 10:30 pm ET Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks meet from the stadium Staples Center Los Angeles California. Los Angeles Lakers representative of Western Conference conference and Pacific Division division,Milwaukee Bucks representative of the Eastern Conference conference and Central Division division.

Milwaukee Bucks

At the moment, Milwaukee Bucks are leading Eastern conference and the Central Division. Wards Mike Budenholzer have on their account 53 9 wins and losses. From the last 10 games won Bucks 8. In his last fight team won. Guys confidently carried away / road games: 25 wins and 6 losses in a season. From spent 23 games with teams from the Western conference Bucks celebrated victory 19 times. On average, according to statistics of the current season of the regular season Milwaukee Bucks throws 28 balls and misses 106.7.

Los Angeles Lakers

Currently, Los Angeles Lakers are the Western conference leader and the Pacific Division. Wards Frank Vogel has to his credit 47 wins and 13 losses. From the last 10 games Lakers won 9. Win Streak team is 2 games. According to statistics home matches this season, the team won 22 and lost 7 matches. From spent 21 games with teams from the Western conference Angeles celebrated victory 15 times. On average, according to statistics of the current season, the regular season, Los Angeles Lakers throws 22 balls and misses None.


  • Milwaukee Bucks: Kyle Korver, George Hill
  • Los Angeles Lakers: Alex Caruso

Betting Tips Statistic

Of the last 10 games, Milwaukee Bucks has 8 wins

Of the last 10 games, Los Angeles Lakers has 9 wins

Milwaukee Bucks won 28 matches in the home arena out of 31

Milwaukee Bucks vs Los Angeles Lakers Prediction

The Milwaukee Bucks have been the most consistent team in the league, including on the road where they win by an average of 10 points, so it’s tough to turn them down in even a slight underdog role. In fact, this is only the fourth time this season the Bucks have been underdogs. With that said, the Los Angeles Lakers are healthy and playing their best basketball of the season right now, which includes winning their last five games by an average of 8.6 points while shooting 48.3 percent from the field. Because the game is at the Staples Center, I’m siding with the Lakers in this near pick em.