Max Verstappen says he’s”very excited” to the Italian GP even though a back-of-the-grid start, using the Dutchman ready to showcase his own overtaking abilities.
After the disappointment of a first-lap DNF in Belgium, Verstappen heads to Monza using a fresh Spec 4 Honda engine and, for example Red Bull team-mate Alex Albon and Toro Rosso’s Daniil Kvyat last weekend, is put to start in the rear row of the grid because of it, along with Pierre Gasly.
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But Verstappen is embracing the struggle as it’s a race that he did not expect to have a chance of winning due to Ferrari and Mercedes’ power advantage at the fastest monitor of F1.
“I am actually really excited,” he told Sky Sports. “Of course we must start from the back and do some overtaking, but generally once you take a look at it I think this track is going to be a struggle for us due to the flat-rate rate Ferrari has, and Mercedes of course is stronger on the straights than us.
“I think realistically, maybe you can fight Mercedes if you start up there but it’s still going to be challenging. So why not start in the trunk have a penalty and attempt to come through to fifth. Perhaps a little rain on Sunday will be nice.”
There is a danger of showers throughout the weekend and Verstappen, a star F1 2019 celebrity who is third in the tournament, admitted a wet race will create Red Bull”more aggressive”.
The 21-year-old doesn’t, but believe he’ll be in the search for the podium.
“You are able to overtake,” Verstappen told reporters. “The problem is that we aren’t that competitive in comparison to Ferrari or Mercedes.
“You will find other paths where I began at the rear and also finished on the podium since we had really very great pace and we could do another strategy .
“I believe about here, I really don’t hope to go for a podium but when we could return to fifth, let’s say in a normal race with no incidents, I think that’s a good outcome for us.”
Verstappen has started lower or 16th over the grid five times from his Red Bull career and has procured two podiums from those races.
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