Minnesota -6.5 Point Spread

Under 135.5 Game Totals

Against The Spread Pick

Overall team records in tonight’s match would make you think taking Indiana is the easy choice. Sitting at 16-9 on the season, the Hoosiers tower over Minnesota’s 12-12 record. However, Minnesota’s resilience in their last two games make them the favorites. Despite losing both games, Minnesota showed that they are not to be messed with, only losing by six to 9th-ranked Penn State, and only losing by three to the 20th-ranked Iowa. Taking that into account, a five-point spread seems like a tough bet for a team that has been inferior this season. And it is, but this Minnesota team is on a roll, and I wouldn’t expect them to slow down vs a conference opponent. Their impressive 10-3 home record shows they perform well in front of the home crowd, and the Hoosiers’ 1-6 road record does not help their chances. It’s a tough bet, and the big spread is certainly a cause for a pause so it is definitely worth some consideration, but I would still take Minnesota tonight. 

Over Under Pick

Both teams’ last five games pretty much say all you need to know about the over/under bet tonight. Indiana and Minnesota have been averaging 65 and 61 points per game respectively over their last five games. Both teams’ last five have been against Big 10 opponents, so I would expect this trend to continue tonight. Besides the past five games, both teams aren’t great scoring teams on the season anyways. Indiana only has one player averaging double-digit scoring, and although Indiana has three players in double digits, their bench scoring is atrocious. I would definitely take the under tonight.