Though there were some players which didn’t start their games last night’s FanDuel MLB DFS Picks acquired some nice production from the players who played.
Our lineup got started off on the ideal note with a performance from Reds right-hander Sonny Gray. Gray hurled while making the win on the San Diego Padres six innings of all one-run ball to go along with 10 punchouts. His bewitching rebound season continues while the strikeouts continue to come in droves because of its veteran.
Our Cubs pile that is four-man did not exactly receive a ton of production throughout, and Ian Happ didn’t have the starting nod, and that means you’d have experienced an outfield or usefulness place to play . Having said that, Anthony Rizzo had a huge night as he clubbed a pair of solo home runs in this one. Kyle Schwarber walked twice while Javier Baez scored a run and singled and climbed. Rizzo and Schwarber donated, though it wasn’t the result we have had using a pile, but I wanted more from Baez within this pile.
Our Phillies mini-stack become a one-off as Sean Rodriguez interestingly did not start despite several large amounts versus lefties against the Brian Johnson this season. In knocking a couple of base hits cesar Hernandez did fine, but that I like once Rodriguez wasn’t at the lineup, wouldn’t have used him as a one-off.
The scratches lasted as Harrison Bader was brought back up from the minors because outfielder Lane Thomas did not begin, so there.
Though he did not reach out of the leadoff spot, finally, our last one time Joc Pederson failed his role. It was really quite blessed as Pederson clubbed a three-run home run off of a position player in the Jays’ Richard Urena since the Dodgers and the Blue Jays 16-3 blew apart.
We have excellent manufacturing from our starters at this lineup, and now let us keep that going on tonight’s slate!
P — Walker Buehler (LAD) — $11,000 vs. TOR
To me, you need to pay up for a pitcher on this background. You’ve Justin Verlander, Walker Buehler and Patrick Corbin all pitching in great situations on this particular 11-game slate, and to me, it has probably got to be among those three you roll up with unless you would like to go a bit further and catch somebody like Yu Darvish in the home against the Giants. For me personally, I will take Buehler as he’s a little more cost-efficient than Verlander and can really realistically boast a number of the exact same upside despite Verlander facing the strikeout-prone Tigers. Buehler’s matchup is not too shabby either as he chooses on a Blue Jays club that matches the eighth-highest strikeout speed versus right-handed pitching this season, and while they have struck for more energy in the second half of this year, Buehler’s 1.02 HR/9 on the season is significantly lower compared to 1.64 mark Verlander owns on this year. Buehler has pitched to a 3.31 ERA on the season, however also a 2.99 FIP and also 3.36 xFIP to go together with a large 10.57 K/9 clip and a tiny 1.66 BB/9 rate. Additionally he even sports a 2.33 ERA at home to go along with a 2.39 FIP, 2.80 xFIP along with a large 13.43 K/BB ratio since he rolls out 11.54 batters per nine innings at home and walks only 0.86 per nine. He has a 15 strikeout sport and also a 16 strikeout game at home as well catch the elite in this 1 tonight.
C/1B — Logan Morrison (PHI) — $2,100 vs. BOS
Of course, Buehler is breaking us a pretty penny tonight at an $11K price label, so we are likely to need to find some value snakes someplace in this lineup, particularly since I’m also paying for a high-upside pile as well. After playing Triple-A ball for the majority of the season, Morrison latched with the Phillies and has become five games with the big club to this point, but only with eight plate appearances. That said, Morrison has done serious damage at the Triple-A amount this season as he hit 15 home runs and published a massive .368 ISO from the Yankees’ system earlier in the year before catching on with the Phillies and submitted a .237 ISO together with three homers in just 18 games for the Phillies’ Triple-A affiliate. Obviously, Morrison has shown energy versus pitching as he possesses a career .209 ISO vs righties and a 111 wRC+ from them. Even when he was cut from the Twins last year he hit against right-handers to get a potent .204 ISO. Morrison has also has achievement of tonight’s Red Sox newcomer Rick Porcello as he has gone 12 to get 40 (.300) with three doubles and 2 homers off of him, good for a .225 ISO along with .874 OPS versus the veteran right-hander. Add it all up and I think there is lots of value upside at this cost that is near-minimum.
2B — Whit Merrifield (KC) — $3,400 vs. BAL
My primary stack tonight is going to be a four-man Royals stack as they carry on right-hander Aaron Brooks and the Baltimore Orioles from the hitter-friendly boundaries of Camden Yards tonight. Brooks is among the very targetable stars in DFS today as he completes this one sporting a 6.49 ERA, 5.94 FIP, 5.31 xFIP and a 2.20 HR/9 clip across 13 starts and 22 appearances on the year. He has also allowed 14 earned runs over his past two starts crossing only 8.1 innings, thus we have something to use here, especially when we factor in the barbarous Orioles bullpen with the team’s worst ERA in a grisly 6.36 mark. Enter Merrifield who has to be on the peskiest leadoff men in the sport as he only gets the job done against the two pitching. His power is generally up against lefties, however Merrifield still possesses a .312 typical, .821 OPS, .347 wOBA and 115 wRC+ versus right-handed pitching on this season, together with all those characters, save to the OPS, superior versus right-handed pitchers. In addition, he owns a .179 ISO, .876 OPS, .367 wOBA and 129 wRC+ to the street versus righties this year. We get power and speed with Merrifield has he’s hit 14 homers and stolen 16 bases on the year, so let’s grab the massive cross-category potential together with the Royals’ second baseman tonight.
3B — Hunter Dozier (KC) — $4,100 vs. BAL
One of the league best breakout players of 2019, Dozier attracts a wealth of power into this matchup from a pitcher who’s surrendering more than his fair share of home runs. After not posting a consistent history of energy in his minor league career, Dozier hit 11 homers following his promotion to the big leagues last season in just over half a year’s worth of activity, showing some power possible in the procedure. This year, he’s hit 22 home runs and submitted a .266 ISO to cement his standing as a powerhouse in the big leagues, even though he’s a late bloomer at age 27. The electricity is up versus lefties, but let’s not scoff at Dozier’s big-time .255 ISO, .906 OPS, .374 wOBA and 133 wRC+ around the season versus right-handed pitching. The power plays up on the road beyond his pitcher-friendly house park at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City since Dozier possesses a massive .292 ISO to go together with the .884 OPS, .362 wOBA along with 125 wRC+ to the season from right-handers away from your home. Dozier’s consistency has been on display in addition to he published a .250 ISO, .899 OPS, .371 wOBA and 131 wRC+ at first half of this season, but he has raised his performance to a .295 ISO, .951 OPS, .389 wOBA along with 144 wRC+ because the All-Star break, for example a .388 ISO, 1.049 OPS, .418 wOBA and 163 wRC+ in the month of August. You don’t have to fade the big baseman tonight.
SS — Jean Segura (PHI) — $3,300 vs. BOS
The shortstop place is a tiny bit hard to fill tonight, particularly when we have to continue to keep down costs with some pricey pitchers on the background. But with Morrison at this low price I managed to match in a Phillies mini-stack against Porcello and his 5.49 ERA on the year. For starters, I usually need to roll Segura against left wing pitching as that is where most of his energy comes from, however, he remains a rather productive bat against righties too as had success against Porcello in his career, so I do not mind him as part of a mini-stack within this one tonight. For the season versus righties, Segura owns a .284 average while he attracts some strong stolen base upside into the table as well with seven steals in the year, all which have come from right-handed pitching. Segura can be swinging a hot bat in the plate right now as he’s riding a four-game hit series entering this one and has gone for 16 (.375) with four doubles, four runs scored and four RBI in that span. His four doubles have come across the last three games and his four RBI have come across his past two matches, like a double and 2 RBI in the last night’s series-opening win. Considering that the thin crop of shortstops, particularly if we factor in cost and matchup, I’ll use Segura at pretty low possession as a portion of a mini-stack tonight.
OF — Jorge Soler (KC) — $3,800 vs. BAL
Next guy up in our four-man Royals stack is Soler who, like Dozier, has enjoyed a huge breakout using the bat here in 2019. Soler fought to both stay healthy and find a regular spot in the Cubs or Royals outfielder prior to this year, but he has taken off in full-time work this time . Entering this one tonight, Soler has smacked 35 home runs on the season, almost tripling his prior career-high of 12 place in part time duty with the Cubs at 2016. The ideal news with Soler for this matchup tonight is that the fact he owns reverse breaks on this season. Against right-handed pitchers such as Brooks, Soler has blasted 26 of the 35 home runs and possesses a massive .313 ISO, .932 OPS, .382 wOBA and 139 wRC+ versus same-handed pitching on the season. The numbers trend up on the road to a .335 ISO, .939 OPS, .385 wOBA along with 141 wRC+ versus righties away from home. Furthermore, Soler is enjoying a enormous month of August to this point as he owns the unlocked .471 ISO, 1.338 OPS, .526 wOBA and 236 wRC+ for the month to this point. Against a pitching staff that is letting the many home runs in baseball that season, Soler has some of the record’s largest home run upside to be certain.
OF — Adam Duvall (ATL) — $2,900 vs. MIA
I think we’ve got something here using Duvall and the Braves because they accept left-hander Caleb Smith and the Miami Marlins tonight. Smith has a wonderful season and appears to be a genuine fine young arm for the Marlins’ long run, however Smith has been vulnerable to the long ball this season, especially on the road where he possesses a huge 2.30 HR/9 rate despite adhering a 3.95 ERA on the road. He owns a 5.20 FIP and 4.91 xFIP versus right-handed bats on the street also, so I will be rostering a couple of cost-efficient Braves outfielders within this one tonight, starting here with Duvall who’s defected left handed pitching in the big leagues as well as the minors this season. In Triple-A before his big league promotion, Duvall posted a monstrous 1.154 OPS versus left-handed pitching with 10 home runs in just 89 at-bats contrary to them. From the big leagues, all of Duvall is now done is place a .358 moderate to cooperate with a massive .474 ISO, 1.251 OPS, .486 wOBA along with 201 wRC+ versus lefties throughout a 19 at-bat sample dimensions with three homers at the moment. The power vs lefties is nothing fresh as Duvall owns a profession .228 ISO versus both along with also a 102 wRC+ to boot, so I am all over this guy against a pitcher allowing a ton of home runs from his pitcher-friendly house post tonight.
OF — Charlie Culberson (ATL) — $2,000 vs. MIA
It is participant like Culberson who provide us the opportunity like we have with our Royals stack to roster some bats. That said, he is not just a throw at minimum cost for wages reasons, but rather a participant who could provide this lineup a big shot in the arm with a few production given his breaks on the season. Like Duvall, Culberson is mashing left-handed pitching this season as he owns a .370 average, .239 ISO, .992 OPS, .410 wOBA and a 152 wRC+ from southpaw pitching. In other words, with park variables included, Culberson has been 52% above league average vs left-handers this year. In house versus lefties, he possesses a .313 ISO, .978 OPS, .397 wOBA along with 144 wRC+. The 1 downside with Culberson is he has been struggling with the plate of late despite watching some fairly routine playing time during the previous few weeks, but at the minimum price I believe we have something to use here. He’s 1 for 3 with an RBI at a very small career sample contrary to Smith, but I’m here for the electricity upside down against a pitcher that has been inventing the ball on the street this year.
UTIL — Ryan O’Hearn (KC) — $2,400 vs. BAL
Completing our four-man Royals stack is O’Hearn who’s not have a terrific season this time around, but could certainly deliver some value at the price given some previous production. This year against right-wing pitching, O’Hearn owns a .139 ISO and .582 OPS, really poor numbers to be sure. On the other hand, the amounts perk up somewhat to a decent .152 ISO and .648 OPS on the road versus righties, and the Royals will really hit in a hitter-friendly environment tonight. Having said that, there’s time for O’Hearn to flip things around and we do not have to look too far back to get evidence of his ability to hit right-handed pitching for power. Last year across a 112 at-bat sample dimensions vs righties, O’Hearn published a enormous .393 ISO, 1.108 OPS, .458 wOBA and also a 194 wRC+. In addition, he hit righties for a .412 ISO, 1.132 OPS, .467 wOBA and 200 wRC+ on the road versus righties last season. Furthermore the 26-year-old O’Hearn has already now posted a massive 1.049 OPS against right-handed pitching in the Triple-A degree this season. Truth be told, I had a utility spot open with $2,400 to spend in this lineup tonight, and we might too go with O’Hearn to finish a four-man pile given the significant numbers he’s shown versus righties lately despite some poor amounts so far across 74 big league games that year.

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