Former Tipperary goalkeeper Darren Gleeson was called the Antrim casting supervisor.
The Portroe club guy won two titles during his acting career using the Premier County, beginning between the articles in 2016.
Throughout the 2019 year, he combined the Antrim hurling set up in a training capacity.
“Darren Gleeson has likely brought a professional approach to our setup,” Saffrons star Neil McManus told Sky Sports at the beginning of the summer.
“We’re better prepared than we have been previously, and he’s brought his secrets from being a former All-Ireland winner together with Tipperary into our changing area, and that can only be a benefit to us.”
Gleeson will be hoping to direct the Ulster county into Joe McDonagh Cup victory in 2020.
Outgoing manager Neal Pedan is now the county’s first Director of Hurling.
Meanwhile, the soccer boss Lenny Harbison of the Saffron County was ratified for the entire year ahead.
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