England will not be deterred from accepting Jack Nowell to the World Cup despite the setback that forced the Exeter wing to undergo emergency surgery.
When stomach pain watched him admitted to a hospital nowell’s miserable run of luck continued on arrival at the squad’s training camp in north-east Italy Wednesday.
That evening his appendix was removed and it was not until four nights that he had been introduced to continue his comeback kilograms lighter and with a ferocious appetite.
This was the latest twist in a story of woe that has prevented him from getting involved in the three World Cup warm-up games staged thus far.
An ankle injury sustained during the Gallagher Premiership final on June 2 resulted in operation and, following a complication during his rehab, Exeter boss Rob Baxter declared he is”touch and go” to be all set for Japan.
But England have indicated he will go to the Far East whatever the appendix difficulty in the anticipation that, at that time that the Pool C matches from Argentina and France are all staged, he will be healthy and at full fitness.
As his functionality in the Premiership signaled, Nowell is a versatile participant who breaks tackles. If fit, he is a certainty for Eddie Jones’ matchday 23.
“Jack’s already been’gutsing’ it a bit. He’s a personality that is good, a bugger and not a lot down him. But he is hungry and nice!” Defence coach John Mitchell explained.
“He’s at our World Cup squad. We are going to be financing Jack. We’re no different to lots of squads. Everyone’s got bits and niggles and pieces. Support and you’ve got to reunite which threat.
“There’s always risk. We’ve got to back our personal instincts, our instinct and our strategies as opposed to falling into the trap of becoming hasty.
“At this point in time we again Jack and we’ll support him to get to there. We wouldn’t be doing what we are doing unless we thought that is how that he’s heading.”
Speaking at the World Cup team statement of England last month, Nowell demonstrated that the accidents that have plagued his Test career have taken an emotional toll.
“Over the last couple of years if I am honest I have really, really struggled with my injuries,” Nowell said.
“Normally I am pretty positive and can find something to operate , but I have really struggled.
“You are feeling a little that you’re letting them down that you can not stand out there all of the time.
“You play because you want to play every single game in order to be told, or to your body to tell you that you can’t play is the most frustrating thing.
“After I tore my hamstring in training in the autumn international I did not actually believe it.
“The physios were telling me how and the scans had been telling me however, it was actually killing me to be told I’d be out for six or seven weeks. I had been in denial.”
Nowell’s Exeter team-mate Henry Slade seems increasingly unlikely to play against Italy as he continues his recovery from a knee injury.
Slade has also missed the double-header from Wales and rout of Ireland to face him with the possibility of entering the World Cup in the bank because the Premiership closing on June 1 without a second of game time.
After recovering from a hamstring injury wing Ruaridh McConnochie is expected to make his debut against Italy.