Two groups with a combined listing of 0-6 go seeking a lift in Citi Field. Although the Cubs did the same, the Mets were first winners in 3 straight against the Braves. And that was not at home. The Cubs have played at a high level in your home and look.
This wasn’t the case, since the Nationals brought their very best effort to Wrigley and stole three wins. It made for a weekend for the Nationals. They strengthen their wildcard resume . Meanwhile, the Cubs stay stuck at three games for the NL Central’s very top.
The Cubs are still get a wildcard in their possession, but it isn’t taking much for there in the National League. Aside from the Nationals, there isn’t another team who deserves to be playing at a Wild Card Game at the moment. Someone must be there so we’ll see how things perform down the stretch. It continues to be a tight battle, along with five teams in 4.5 games of visiting the postseason.
Something has to contribute between the Cubs and Mets. Both teams are more hungry for wins. One series is going to be coming to an end and the other will be extended to four games. The Mets need a triumph more than the Cubs do. They are going home today when the postseason started.
They require a September to get in using a wildcard. Staying still will not be enough, as the Mets head to Monday down by 2 games in the National League. While Yu Darvish is scheduled to the Cubs, marcus Stroman is anticipated for the start. Head below to our complimentary Cubs vs. Mets select.
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Yu Darvish has been one of the pitchers this season to be hit and miss. He’s been all around the area and there doesn’t appear to be any consistency soon. Most recently, for example, Darvish was labeled for 4. He flipped that bad outing around .
The Phillies were neutralized by darvish for no more runs across seven innings of use ten strikeouts. He went out and got blasted in his very next start. Darvish allowed seven hits and 6 earned runs against the Giants at Wrigley Field. In that outing, Darvish was torched for 4 home runs. Any confidence people have in 2019 may be diminished rather fast in him.
Marcus Stroman is coming from his best look with the Mets. As though he had been in Toronto we had been waiting to seem elite and Stroman managed to receive it against the Indians. He allowed 1 earned run to pick up a win over the Tribe. He was sharp on the street against the Braves prior to that functionality, allowing two earned runs in 5.1 innings of play.
Stroman goes into this contest with a 1.80 ERA and 1.05 WHIP in his past three contests. He also posted an ERA of 2.96 with all the Blue Jays and that I believe we will start to see some positive regression nearer to this number. It’s well-documented how awful the Cubs are on the road in 2019.
Be aware that the Cubs are a street team, as opposed to 44-22 at Wrigley. Anthony Rizzo is questionable for Tuesday with pain. That would take away a nice bat from the Cubs’ lineup. Side with the Mets.

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