Georgia Tech


Under 128 Point Spread

Georgia Tech -2.5 Game Totals

Against The Spread Pick

This is a tougher pick in tonight’s Clemson vs Georgia Tech game. Both teams are 3-2 in their last five games, and the teams have similar records, Clemson standing at 14-12, and Georgia Tech at 13-14. The teams average identical points per game, and their points against per game are similar as well. For me, the only thing that sets these teams apart tonight is their record at home and on the road. Clemson is 3-6 on the road and Georgia Tech is 7-6 at home, so it is definitely a tough pick tonight, and there is some cause to pick Clemson. However, I think that Georgia Tech’s home crowd should give them a boost tonight. It’s tough, but I would pick Georgia Tech tonight.

Over Under Pick

Over the last five games, Georgia Tech and Clemson have been averaging 72 and 66 points per game respectively. Clemson however, has had some pretty brutal scoring performances in their past six games, including scoring 44 total points, not once, but twice in back to back games, as well as a 57 point game the following match. Meanwhile, Georgia Tech has been pretty good over their last five games, scoring a minimum of 60 points over that span. So I don’t think Georgia Tech has a problem, but Clemson brings a cause to pause when It comes to scoring. Clemson is also a top 30 defensive team this season, so that will hamper scoring even more. So I would expect tonight to be more of a defensive showcase, take the under tonight.