Steam Games or Weak Lines?

Below we’ll isolate a few of the line moves in Week 1 of school football, focusing solely on FBS matchups. Let us try to ascertain whether the school soccer odds on such matches are moving because the wise guys”know something” or as it was a lousy line to begin with and is being manipulated from the sharps.
We’ve identified three line shifts that were significant and it’s your choice to decide whether to grab the group with value, or move the opposite way in your college football picks, and choose a poor number since the steam is blowing in that direction. Without further ado, let us go!
South Alabama vs Nebraska (Saturday, August 31st, 12:00 PM ET)
The Cornhuskers started as a whopping home favorite from the South Alabama Jaguars, however that number has shrunk to as high as 36 1/2 at some of the very best sportsbooks.
Nebraska attracted a lot of care after completing strong year by winning four of the past six contests. Much is due to the Huskers and year coach Scott Frost, since his group is currently ranked 24th this past 29, to start the year despite a 4-8 record.
A lot of that hype has sent online spiraling as Nebraska will seem to establish worthy of their lofty billing by stomping a tin can like South Alabama.
South Carolina vs North Carolina (Saturday, August 31st, 3:30 PM ET)
As 7 1/2 point favorites started but that number has spiked to as high as 11 at lots of the books. First and foremost, this game is not being played in Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill but in a Website, the Bank of America Stadium.
Just because a team is right of this”vs” doesn’t always mean they’re at home and it takes the public a couple of days to figure out that. Moreover, this rivalry has been owned by South Carolina winning six of their last seven meetings against the Tar Heels, in addition to going 6-1 ATS in their last seven neutral site games.
This record is in stark contrast to North Carolina’s 1-5 ATS markers in affairs. The sharps also got a whiff of this Heels 0-4 ATS record so it is little wonder the’Cocks are currently receiving heavy play .
Duke vs Alabama (Saturday, August 31st, 3:30 PM ET)
Expectations for the crew of Nick Saban are constantly through the roof and this season is the same. The Crimson Tide embarks on which should be another tournament voyage this season and the very first casualty will be the Duke Blue Devils.
The oddsmakers understand the hype train that follows Tide football that’s why they conquered Temple from the Independence Bowl and installed them final year since a 30-point house favorite from a group in Duke that moved 8-5.
Sure, Duke was no national contender, nor are they this season, but winning it and becoming a bowl game has to account for something, right? Well, not in the world of the squares that never saw a number large enough to keep them from getting down on the Tide.
As of this writing, Alabama has become a 33 1/2 stage that Dylan Moses, their celebrity junior linebacker, injured his knee this week and will be out for the season. The loss of the defensive captain of these Tide didn’t make a whit of difference to the public, who will throw their money into the fire!

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