Antonio Brown was mired in a couple of odd incidents this past week. It was the frostbitten foot. Now, he is in a standoff with all the NFL over with his old helmet.
The receiver has threatened to retire , and today BetOnline has posted odds he’ll follow along with. Is there any value betting this?
* Odds of 12/08/2019.
It is hard to think that frostbitten foot, Antonio Brown room has been the second-most eccentric story with all the star receiver weekly. Was that he is willing to retire over using his previous helmet.
The NFL regularly updates their helmets . You might recall that they have issues with concussions that are very public and as a result, families are currently keeping their kids. It is a significant problem. Brown has become familiar.
Although he hasn’t officially announced his standoff reporters have indicated that he won’t perform unless the NFL allows him to use his helmet. That’s quite unlikely to happen — especially since the NFL Players Union has agreed to use this helmet (which suggests Brown is battling his own union).
Naturally, we have been expecting to hear by head coach Jon Gruden, who we thought would not be pleased with the circumstance. The overall consensus was that he would blow a gasket and that this might cause a rift between the team and Brown. Openly, Gruden has affirmed him although it is very likely it is behind the scenes.
What is worth noting is that Gruden type of implied that he expects Brown back. Up until that pointwe hadn’t heard anything positive about the problem but it looks like he believes it will be settled. Since Gruden’s bum is on the line after investing for Brown, it could simply be wishful thinking, however.
The core of the issue is the NFL doesn’t allow players to use helmet and Brown’s is 12. While Brown had been hoping to convince the team to let him use it again (he managed to utilize it ), they responded they are not likely to permit him to do it.
Going forward (and the league will go after him retroactively), Brown will be in breach of his contract unless he plays a league-approved helmet. Otherwise, he will not get paid. That means he’s going to start losing money with this season and might go after him the pay of last year too. That is speculation at this point.
Another report on Sunday suggested that Brown is currently thinking about holding the league liable if he gets injured in the helmet. The fact that he’s interesting that shows he’s contemplating using the helmet.
It’s hard to view Brown. Yes, he’s definitely a diva. Yes, he’s being over-the-top in this circumstance. The team has come out and support him. It’s unlikely that he tries to screw them over.
Can he hold out and miss while looking for a remedy? That seems more probable than a permanent retirement. But what I expect is to get the league and him to come to a sort of conclusion. He does the league and the Raiders wants to be playing, so there is motivation to have this done. Bet on’No more’.
Let’s have fun and keep it civil.

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