Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has shown that he is currently finding it hard to consider the concept of not sitting on the seat again, following his departure in the Emirates Stadium last year.
The Frenchman left North London at 2018 later winning seven FA Cups and three Premier League titles during nearly 22 years in the club.
The Gunners boss has previously said he want to return to a function.
Considering departing the Premier League aspect above a year 21, wenger has been linked with coaching and management jobs across Europe.
“I can not live with the fact that I’ll not be on the bench again,” he told beIN Sports.
“I would opt to get an intermediate position. I would like to experience one more time the intensity of a contest.”
The conceded that it has been hard adjusting to life after departing Arsenal, in which he mimicked 1216 games.
“I never believed I could live without Arsenal, being thrown together with all the club,” he explained.
“I had to take a space by being optimistic.
“Occasionally you could become a bit bitter as you don’t have exactly the exact same excitement anymore and I am quite pleased to have survived that in a really favorable way.
“I am pleased to have disconnected and being seen as a baby who has evolved in the space “

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