The motorsport community paid its respects to Anthoine Hubert at the Frenchman’s funeral Tuesday.

Long-time buddies and rushing coworkers, such as Charles Leclerc, Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon, and George Russell, joined friends members and Hubert’s family to remember the 22-year-old.
Hubert was killed on August 31 in a F2 accident at Spa-Francorchamps.
A portrait of Hubert was displayed outside the cathedral in which the funeral was held. Drivers’ wreck helmets were laid out as a sign of respect indoors on seats.

Hubert, the winner of this GP3 championship last year, was a member of Renault’s motorist academy, along with the Enstone group submitted a tribute tribute to him on social networking, describing him as a”great” guy.
The Formula 2 championship tweeted:”Today, we remembered the shining light of a few of our brightest stars, Anthoine Hubert, with the remainder of the motorsport community. Our thoughts have been with all people closest to him, as his life has been celebrated today at Chartres Cathedral.”
FIA president Jean Todt and world winner were among those in attendance.

f2 rugby: сhanges for 2017–18 and past

In August 2016, LNR discharged a key arrangement laying out its vision for French rugby through the 2023 Rugby World Cup. The arrangement incorporates critical changes to the top degrees of the group framework, with Pro D2 seeing particularly sensational changes beginning with the 2017–18 season.

Beginning with 2017–18, Pro D2 will embrace a playoff framework indistinguishable from that of the Top 14, with the main six groups on the class table qualifying. The main two groups get byes into the elimination rounds, where they will confront the champs of quarterfinal matches including the staying four sides.

Just the Pro D2 champions will be guaranteed of advancement to the Top 14. The losing finalist will enter a playoff with the second-from-base Top 14 side, with the victor taking up the last Top 14 spot.

There will likewise be significant changes with respect to advancement from Fédérale 1 to Pro D2. While two groups will keep on being advanced each season, the momentum arrangement of two groups gaining aggressive advancements to Pro D2 will be rejected. Rather, just the victor of the advancement playoffs will be advanced. The subsequent advancement spot will go to a “special case” club picked by LNR meeting the accompanying criteria:

Must be situated in northern France (with the partitioning line running around from La Rochelle to Lyon)

Have a long haul improvement plan

Area in a zone that can demographically and monetarily bolster a completely expert club

The “trump card” advancements will happen for three seasons (through 2019–20), after which LNR will make a third completely expert association underneath Pro D2.

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