Week 3 of the NFL Preseason continues Saturday with seven games on the cardgame. The week will finish tomorrow night in Tennessee with the Steelers and Titans. That will be the last of”purposeful” preseason games, as from the fourth match of the preseason, everything is just about set in rock for the normal season.
The match of the preseason is the game. If anything, the coaching staff is attempting to identify three or two players to create the squad as a stringer. The NFL could be achieved with this preseason game and it wouldn’t make a difference, though.
The Kansas City Chiefs have seen an down and up preseason thus far. They seemed like a well-oiled device at home. Chiefs were driven by mahomes for an early touchdown down the area along with the Chiefs rolled into a 38-17 win.
In Pittsburgh, however, that the Chiefs looked out of sorts since the Steelers sliced for a 17-7 victory through them. I’m 2-0 at Chiefs game in the preseason. I was on them in Week 1 and then faded them. Everything went with both bets winning.
The starters will get more activity in Week 3 of the preseason. Including Jimmy Garoppolo and Mahomes. Last week, Garoppolo appeared as easy. It’s to be expected to get a man who’s coming from a layoff and major injury.
Don’t read too far into that functionality, but I am also not sold on Garoppolo as a franchise player. He has a preseason evaluation to bounce back in a hostile environment at Arrowhead. The starting quarterbacks will observe the first-half and then the backups follow at the 3rd quarter. Head below to our free 49ers vs. Chiefs in Game 3 of the preseason.
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The offense for the Chiefs along with mahomes will see loads of repetitions in this game. We are not likely to see anything exotic however, their offense by design isn’t intended to give appearances that are basic to the defense. If anything, you are going to Mahomes slide or consume it before running down the area. His last time on the area at KC was striking. Mahomes travelled and 10 yards on one rushing attempt.
Chase Litton excelled in the game, as he handed for 122 yards with an interception and two touchdowns. Their shield was a standout unit. The Bengals’ leading rusher gained just 11 yards. If the Chiefs desire achievement in 2019, then the shield must be greater than a year ago. There was nothing wrong with their campaign against the Steelers last week. Josh Dobbs and Mason Rudolph both looked mediocre.
It was narrative for the Chiefs’ offense a week, since there was no one on precisely the page. They didn’t look interested in playing against the Steelers in Pittsburgh a week. Andy Reid is a classic school coach and I doubt he was happy with the effort in that competition. Anticipate the Chiefs look considerably more fluid in this particular contest. While on the opposite side, Garoppolo is going to be burning the rust off, mahomes is likely going to get his yardage.
Whether it’s the preseason or not, Arrowhead is never an enjoyable environment play and to go in. Garoppolo isn’t the only one to blame last week. The offensive line didn’t provide great looks to him. When the backups started rolling at the Niners managed to move the ball C.J. Beathard.
The real stars of the game in the win has been the copy offensive line. They were moving heaps from the Broncos to open up lames, unlike when Garoppolo was in using the starting unit. In Kansas City, it is not likely to be true from a backup KC which have played very well so far this week. And despite the fact that it’s preseason ball, Andy Reid is going to have this team appearing more fluid with their heads in the match compared to in Pittsburgh. Look for the Chiefs on Saturday at Arrowhead with a touchdown over the 49ers.

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