Week 1 of??the 2019 NFL year is just over a month??off and we have been given a glimpse of the way the oddsmakers believe the year will unfold using projected OVER/UNDER win totals for every group.
Online sportsbook BetOnline is itching for soccer as much as we are at Odds Shark??and??– surprisesurprise — gets got the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots in the top of its record by having their OVER/UNDER win complete in 11.5.
The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles??are right behind the Patriots with their traces placed at 10.5 and then it’s a glut of those second-tier teams set at lines of 10 wins. Those groups are the Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts??and Los Angeles Chargers.
The Miami Dolphins have the distinction of being??the team with the cheapest projected win total in 4.5.
While we still possess the remaining of coaching camps, preseason matches and roll cuts coming,??it’s not too early to give out my favorite teams that will either transcend expectations or sink from the pressure.
This one might feel as a risk since they must play a first-place schedule against NFC rivals but I think Chicago’s defense is too great to take the UNDER. The Bears were dominant last year since they were first in points allowed per game, third in sacks, first in interceptions and third in earnings by leading the league in takeaways.
While the purchase of Khalil Mack and the defense was that the highlight of the Bears’ season, it’s their offense that took a jump with Mitch Trubisky underneath center. The Bears averaged only over 26 points per game last season and also have weapons across the board to improve beneath second-year head coach??Matt Nagy. It may come down to the last weeks of this season to strike this brace but double-digit wins have been in the cards again for the Bears this season.
The NFL’s leading rushing attack might not have finished the year how it’d expected but after winning 10 matches and moving 6-2 SU at home, the demise of the Seahawks was considerably exaggerated. Provided that they have Russell Wilson at midnight, this team is great for at least eight wins. They also picked up protector Mike Iaputi to incorporate with their shaky offensive line.??
I expected a regression for this particular squad last year and they proceeded to pull down some decent teams like the Panthers, Chiefs and Packers in the second half of the season. They will probably get two wins within the Niners and Cardinals and get to Deal with both the Bucs and Bengals at home so I think the other double-digit win year is coming for Seattle. ??
After finishing the year with six wins and literally limping into the end, it could be another demanding year for the Lions. Their eight home games this season will get them playing six teams with winning records, together with all the other games against the Packers and Buccaneers, who??are expected to become enormously improved from this past year.
The Lions were totally decimated by injuries last year with their sole highlight being that they knocked off the Patriots in the home. Detroit ranked 25th in points scored per game while only topping 30 points from Week 7 onward. Evidently, a lot can change??but considering their main signings have been Patriots??transplants like Trey Flowers and Danny Amendola,??I believe that even with a last-place program , they perform in too demanding a branch to win more than six??matches.
Here is the full list for every team’s win total for your 2019 NFL season.
All odds courtesy as of August 12 of BetOnline

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